Float cabin models

A short video presentation of the 4 float tank models available in our Aquarmony float center in Brasov.

Standard float tanks: Aquarmony One and Aquarmony Pyramid cabins, Aquarmony Infinity float pod

Premium float tanks: Aquarmony Premium float room

For more details we also recommend the article Float Tank Types

Aquarmony – Imperiul Leilor

We were invited to participate to the Romanian version of the Dragons’ Den (aka Shark Tank, Lions’ Den). The show just aired on the Romanian television ProTV. For those of you that cannot understand the language in the video below, the short summary is that we proposed 20% of our companies, both our float center…


Aquarmony Infinity – float pod

Aqu Infinity – the latest addition to our float center and our family of float tanks in Brasov, Romania. We have been operating our float center since 2015, we were the first ones to open in Romania, and we are still the only float tanks producer in the country, with 4 different float cabin /…


Float Tank Types

When it comes to float therapy, as we were saying at the end of the previous article on How Float Tanks Actually Work .. size does matter. Usually in the case of float tanks, the size really makes a difference. But to discuss the different models of float tanks, with the advantages and disadvantages of…


How Float Tanks Actually Work

In view of the growing interest in the field of floating, an article that came a little more detailed about the subject of the operation and use of float tanks was called for some time. In Romania, starting in 2015, the number of float centers has started to increase gradually, and if in the first…


Floating Therapy – Advantages and Benefits

Floating therapy is an unique relaxation and healing method that involves 60-90 minute floating sessions in tanks of magnesium and sulfur. The magnesium sulfate solution, also known as Epsom salt, at a very high concentration (500 kg of salt per 1 ton of solution), is carefully controlled and maintained at 35° C skin temperature during…