Floating therapy is starting to be more and more appreciated all over the world. It is what in some parts has been known for many years as floating, float therapy or floatation therapy. Floating tanks are often known as Float tank, Isolation tank, Sensory Deprivation Tank or Samadhi tank. Concentrated magnesium salts allow floating in the 25 cm height solution and support the body in a state of imponderability. The float tank is large enough for an adult to float without touching the edges of the bathtub. Water is always kept at body temperature to eliminate cold or heat sensations in contact with the skin. Through sound and visual isolation, the influence of these sensory stimuli that normally occupy most of the brain’s functions is minimized. Only relaxation and peace remain, and the healing at all levels can begin.

That’s how we would summarize in a few words our passion, here at Aquarmony, and also our main object of activity, if we could call it that. We started in spring 2015 to design and build the first float tanks in Romania in order to give to as many people as possible the chance to experience what float therapy means and the many benefits it can bring. We officially launched, on June 1, 2015, in Brasov, the first Float Center in Romania. We have been working since to help open other centers in our country and across borders and also offering our float tanks to those wishing to buy their own for personal use. We offer a variety of floating enclosures, ranging from the simple and cost-effective ones to the most advanced, for demanding users or top float centers.

Until 2015, in Romania, floating tanks  were almost non-existent, being accessible only to those who were able to pay the high cost of an import float tank or visit a Float Center outside the country. We managed to change this by offering to anyone who wanted, at more than promotional prices, the chance to test the floating and its benefits. Our float center in Brasov did, especially in the first year, a lot of pioneering work, offering a lot of float sessions for free or at half price to all those who came to the float for the first time. We also learned a lot, trough direct experience, our Aquarmony team together with all those that visited us, about everything that floating and float tanks mean.

We have worked and we are still working to make the float therapy known in articles, online campaigns, books, television shows, participating in events and especially live talk, face to face, with those who cross our threshold every day. To do this, we started from scratch. We have conceived, designed and built our own float tanks, with filtering systems, heating systems, electric automation, build materials, sound and thermal insulation and much more. We have succeeded in reducing almost half of the production costs of our tanks, compared to the imported ones. This has translated into a lower cost of float sessions for our float center customers and also for customers of the float centers that purchase Aquarmony float tanks.

For us, floating first started as a passion, then transformed into a way of life. Actually, the float tanks helped us transform ourselves and our lifes. And we have also repaid them with the day-to-day work on maintaining and constantly improving them, in order to provide each newcomer with the same unique floating experience. So, we can safely assert that our float tanks are more economical in terms of costs and also technically superior to other existing models. Those who have tested our tanks by themselves, happily sharing our experiences, are already convinced about their advantages and we are still waiting for those who have not yet tried them to do so.

Our ultimate goal is to help more people understand what float therapy actually means and for this we will do our best. We want tanks and floating to be available, at an affordable cost, to all the people in Romania and beyond. We offer promotional costs, installation support and maintenance packages for those who want to benefit from all the experience we have accumulated so far and we will continue with promotions and informing the people online or in person. We work with ambassadors and we work with friends who share our passion. We invite others, connoisseurs or enthusiast beginners, simple clients or float center administrators, to grow the floating fans community!


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