For float tanks acquisitions please call our sales department at +4-0723-424454 or send an offer request at

To make an appointment for a float session please call us between 10 and 22 at one of our centers below.

Our schedule is flexible, from Monday to Sunday, depending on appointments. Please call before a visit.


Aquarmony – easy floating

Aquarmony Brașov float center is the only one in Romania and probably the world that has the four different float tank models: a float cabin – Aquarmony One, a float pyramid – Aquarmony Pyramid, a float room – Aquarmony Premium, a float pod – Aquarmony Infinity. For details see our Aquarmony Virtual Tour and our blog post called Float Tank Types 

We also recommend you the following float centers with Aquarmony float tanks:


Ovo Float


Ovo Float in Bucharest has two float tanks: a float cabin – Aquarmony One and a float room – Aquarmony Premium.