Aquarmony is currently the only float tank manufacturer in Romania. You can test our floating enclosures in our own Aquarmony float center in Brașov, but also in other SPAs in Romania or Europe that have purchased float tanks from us. Aquarmony Brașov float center is the only one in Romania and probably the world that has the four different float tank models: a float cabin – Aquarmony One, a float pyramid – Aquarmony Pyramid, a float room – Aquarmony Premium, a float pod – Aquarmony Infinity. For details see our Aquarmony Virtual Tour and our blog post called Float Tank Types 

Our schedule is flexible, from Monday to Sunday, depending on appointments. Please call before a visit.

To make an appointment for a float session please call us at +4-0724-043431 from Monday to Sunday 10.00-20.00 hours.

For float tanks acquisitions please call us at +4-0723-424454 from Monday to Friday 9-17 hours or use


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