Float centers

If you are the owner of a SPA or a therapeutic cabinet, a manager in a guest house or a hotel, or just a passionate person who wants to open a new float center, you’ve come to the right place. We offer at this moment, at an unbeatable cost / quality ratio, both in Europe and the world, four types of float tanks designed and produced by Aquarmony in Romania. You can see and test them at Aquarmony – easy floating in Brasov, the only floating center in Romania (and probably the world) equipped with 4 different float tanks: a float cabin – Aquarmony One, a float pyramid – Aquarmony Pyramid, a float room – Aquarmony Premium, a float pod – Aquarmony Infinity. More details about our float tanks you can find in our product catalog: AQUARMONY CATALOG

As a general classification, most of the floating enclosures currently on the market can fall into one of the following three size categories: float pod/tank, float cabin or float room. Aquarmony specialized in a first stage on the construction of floating cabins and rooms, under different enclosure configurations, customized according to the client’s space. The advantages of the float cabins over the float pods consist of: customization of dimensions and the constructive adaptation according to the space provided by the customer, more generous dimensions to reduce the possible restraints or worries for closed spaces of the beginner clients, the elimination of the inconvenience caused by the drip condensation, a better thermal, sound insulation and light proofing, better airflow and a more constant ambient environment during floating sessions. To understand the differences between them we recommend the article Float Tank Types

We can say about the Aquarmony enclosures that they currently use among the best technologies available on the market, and when it comes to features, options and customization possibilities we are far above other known manufacturers of float tanks. A short list of these technologies includes: complete automation of the re-circulation and filtration system, with multiple timers and thermostats, triple heating system (inline, under tank and ceiling), pumps with adjustable variable speed, triple sanitation system (ozone, UV and particle filters), dual system of parallel filters with cartridges from 1 to 50 microns, simultaneous ozonation of air and water, passive and active ventilation, wireless intercom for communication with the user inside the tank, audio system with USB storage and MP3 player, underwater lights and LED strip or RGB star ceiling, remote control for the user (lights, fan, music), fiberglass and gelcoat tubs with integrated heating system, top thermal and sound insulation (HD Foam Plus), cladding with composite panels for uniform radiation of heat, doors or walls of secure glass, double control system via WiFi and with regular backup buttons, remote monitoring and control through phone installed app, enclosures with atypical or custom dimensions depending on the client’s space.

We can provide you on request all the technical details and price offers, with information on choosing and setting up an ideal space for this type of activity. For those of you who wish to collaborate with us in order to equip your own center with floating tanks, we can provide the necessary products and knowledge, with periodic service and maintenance included, as well as providing supplies or useful materials. From our activity and from our collaborators feedback, we have found that the lack of experience in maintaining floating enclosures and lack of working procedures with clients causes the most common problems, especially for beginner entrepreneurs. We want to help simplify things and avoid inconveniences, both for the float center managers, but especially for the clients of the floating services. We consider that the field of floating therapy is a relatively new and growing concept, and the first impression is important for how people will perceive the experience of floating. We want to give each beginner a unique first experience when it comes to floating in the Aquarmony float cabins. For a brief introduction to the field we also recommend the following article: How Float Tanks Actually Work

Consulting and technical support

Our experience has grown steadily, both in the construction of float tanks and in the design or management of float centers that offer these services. We now place this experience at the disposal of those who purchase our tanks, through the consulting and support services offered. From the very beginning, we adapt to the collaborators’ space and advise them on the best constructive solution, whether we are talking about an Aquarmony One, Pyramid, Premium or Infinity float tank. We then carry out the personalized construction on the premises and we continue to provide support, both on the marketing and the technical side. We periodically review the state of the tanks to ensure that they operate smoothly in the appropriate technical and hygienic parameters.

The advantage of collaborating with Aquarmony, besides the installation part and the technical support itself, is primarily given by our knowledge and experience in the field, offered along with the purchased float tank. We provide advice on location planning, organizing customer activity and flow, managing consumables and other accessories, performing periodic revisions or maintenance, and more. We greatly reduce the risks and learning time, while increasing the chances of successful business for our customers. We really want to offer floating entrepreneurs a turnkey business and not a simple product. And this comes in support of those who open a dedicated float center, as well as those who add the tanks as an extra package for an already existing SPA, hotel, guest house or treatment center.

As we often say, for us the float tanks were primarily a passion and a desire to help as many people as possible benefit from almost miraculous effects of this type of therapy. With much work and involvement, we have come to turn this dream into reality, and now we want to support others who want to join us on the same path. For more details, we are waiting for your questions by email or phone, but also in our float center in Brasov. We encourage these visits to get to know each other better for a possible collaboration, and personally experience floating in one of the tanks built by the Aquarmony team.

Float Tanks for Home Users

Among the floating enthusiasts, who we are convinced that they will continue to grow in number also with our help, there is a special category: those who want to have their own float tank at their home. We offer them both the necessary products and knowledge, technical support and periodic on-demand revisions, and the provision of supplies or useful materials.

In addition to the three generous float cabins, the Aquarmony One, Pyramid and Premium, generally recommended for floating centers, we designed Aquarmony Infinity, our float pod model, especially for home users. It comes with a modern design and a plus of intimacy for home users who are used to floating and sensory deprivation.

We offer, as in the case of purchases of public use float tanks, information and advice on the location or choice of the float room space. For more details, please contact us to receive an offer according to your needs, using our phone number or email address on the contact page.