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Aquarmony Float Center

Why float ?

In 2015, we started designing and building the first floating enclosures in Romania, to give as many people as possible the chance to test what floating therapy means and the benefits it can bring. We also launched in 2015, in Brașov, the first float center in Romania. Since then, being the only manufacturer of floating tanks in our country, we have offered our equipment to other floating centers in Romania or Europe, as well as to private users who want a float pod for personal use. We offer a diverse range of floating enclosures, from simpler and cost-effective, to the most advanced and customized, for home users or floating salons of all categories. More details you can find in our product catalog: AQUARMONY CATALOG

Of the dozens of centers that offer floating services, opened in Romania in recent years, most have chosen to collaborate with Aquarmony. We have excellent equipment value for money, we offer overhaul services, technical support or consultancy in the purchase, installation and maintenance of float tanks. We offer spare parts and consumables, but above all, the experience of dozens of cabins installed in Romania and Europe in recent years. Our sanitation and automation systems are highly efficient with triple filtration, triple heater system, top insulation, full automation, user remote control, manual and phone app automation control, wireless digital intercom and more customization possibilities.

In order to open a floating center, we recommend starting the project with at least two or three float cabins of more generous dimensions, the Aquarmony Pyramid or Premium variants. For private use, we have generally installed the Aquarmony ONE and Aquarmony Infinity models, but if the budget and space allow you can also opt for the larger cabins. Between the models on offer, the differences are mainly in the external construction of the enclosures, while the filtration and automation systems have the same parameters. To understand more easily the differences between the four main variants of tanks produced by Aquarmony, which you can also find in our showroom in Brașov, we invite you to watch the following video material: Float cabin models

Virtual tour of our Aquarmony Brasov float center